ISI Group, LLC
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The ISI Imaging product suite adds image acquisition, management, display and delivery capabilities to VistA-based electronic health record (EHR) systems. What separates our product  from other commercial and open-source PACS (Picture Archiving Communication Systems) is that:
  • It’s designed for all types of images, not just for radiology. 
  • It’s completely integrated with VistA-based EHRs and eliminates the division between text and image-based data. 
  • It’s derived from a proven architecture that has been in use for over 15 years. 
  • It’s enhanced with tools that clinicians can use to improve both clinical practice and patient care. 
ISI Imaging is made is up of the following components. 

ISI Capture 
ISI Capture is a highly configurable application used for image acquisition across numerous medical specialties and for document scanning.  It works with a wide variety of image sources including scanners, digital cameras, and frame grabbers.  It can also be used for direct capture during procedures for any image-producing specialty such as endoscopy, cardiac catheterization, and anatomic pathology. ISI Capture also includes tools to minimize data entry when used for bulk image acquisition. 

ISI Link 
ISI Link gateways provide a suite of capabilities for image acquisition from DICOM-compliant devices such as CR, CT, MR, etc.  Additional functions include DICOM modality worklist, and rules-based automated image distribution. 

ISI View 
ISI View is a multipurpose image display package that lets clinicians rapidly locate the specific images they need from all of the available data in the patient record. ISI View can be run standalone or can be run tightly coupled with the patient chart application. 

ISI Rad 
ISI Rad delivers high performance diagnostic image display and workflow management features, and provides productivity-enhancing capabilities such as automated relevant prior retrieval and customizable hanging protocols.

The ISIX (ISI exchange) service makes it easier and faster to retrieve images and image-related data from a VistA-based EHR across a WAN. One or more ISIX systems can be set up to support faster image retrievals to workstations for remote reading, or be used to facilitate data exchange between multiple facilities.